Nominated ‘Best Performance’ at the COM*MOON*A Festival in Alytus (Lithuania), September 2019.

Stuck between highly taxed tampons and badly lit mirrors, three characters are trapped in a patriarchal purgatory. Locked in a toilet, three characters examine the female stereotype established in classic and modern literature and media and offer a different perspective to the stories we know.

An act of dramaturgical punk; fusing dark comedy, the ridiculous and the tragic. A mix of clown, story-telling and political rant, inviting you to laugh in the face of, ridicule, challenge and reconsider what it is to be a woman today.

Focusing on the representation of women – not just in literature but also on TV, stage, media and fashion – No Way Out questions the overall creation of the female image and narrative and seeks to debunk it.

The international ensemble bring their own languages, experiences, literary traditions, national symbols and current events, to reinterpret these texts and characters; inspired by Don Quixote, House of Bernarda Alba, Joan of Arc, Jane Eyre, Shahmaran, Disney princesses, and pop queens.

NO WAY OUT  is a Flight of the Escales production, funded by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts and Norfolk County Council. The development of the show was supported by Ballhaus Ost Berlin, Camden People’s Theatre London and The Cut Halesworth. We are associate artists at The Cut with projects supported by The Roundhouse, Jacksons Lane Theatre, Cambridge Junction, CPT and Ballhaus Ost. Our work has been seen in the UK, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic and Spain and programmed in festivals including Kana, Prague Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, 100˚, Pulse and Faki.

Previewed at Ballhaus Ost in February 2018/ Premiered at Camden People’s Theatre London in May 2018.


(pictures credit: Underskin)

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